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Dog training is essential to a dog’s growth and development. It helps build confidence, provides mental stimulation, and strengthens the bond between the owner and their pet. What has often been considered undesirable pet behavior is normal in a dog’s mind. Our specialized dog training methods teach a dog the fundamentals of right from wrong. Our board-certified dog trainer help clients understand the science behind canine learning & behaviors. Our goal is to create programs to promote positive dog behaviors using appropriate dog training methods & techniques best suited for the client and their pet.

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Our Certifications.

michael Ellis School For Dog Trainers
atlanta dog training academy


All dogs must be current on Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations prior to an evaluation and dog training. Owners must present a copy of vaccinations on the scheduled evaluation day or email a copy of vaccinations prior to the scheduled evaluation day. Client Registration paperwork must be submitted via email before the scheduled evaluation date or filled out after your scheduled tour. All female dogs must be spayed at 6 months of age.

Obedience Commands we teach:

  • Wait – (waiting at a doorway or car door before entering)
  • Recall- (come to me)
  • Sit & Long Sit
  • Down & Long Down- (laying down on the ground)
  • Place- (A designated location your dog will stay in until released for the designated location)
  • Crate Training- (giving your dog the ability to go in and stay in their crate peacefully) Optional
  • Off- (used when jumping on people or jumping up on furniture)
  • Leave it- (used when your dog is about to engage an unwanted situation or about to grab something with their mouth and auditory stimulation)
  • Drop It/Out command- (used when your dog has something in its mouth/out means to back away from the item)
  • Release Command- (granting your dog to be released from a down, sit, wait, or place command)
  • Leash Training- (training your dog the proper techniques for walking on a leash with heel command) No pulling, Barking, Sniffing or Marking
  • Confidence Training

New Client Registration Form.

Please fill out our New Client Registration form for a faster check-in service. 

  • Please upload the form to our CONTACT US PAGE. 
  • You can also return the form during your check-in 
  • or email it to us at: 4pawsoasis@gmail.com

Leash Training



Per Lesson

For puppies under six months of age, it’s recommended to teach them the fundamentals of maintaining attention and confidence while being trained. We all know puppies have a very short attention span. That is why our Walk Doctor Program introduces puppies to proper leash training and the standards of structured walking. During this program, your dog will learn the heel, wait, and release commands. This program is offered at our location or performed at your residence. Please call 678-402-5025 for a phone consultation to discuss your goals and personalized training plan. Pricing and the number of sessions are based upon in-person consultation.

Leash Training - Private Sessions

*Mileage Fees may apply to in-home sessions



Per Lesson

Does your dog pull on the leash? Does your dog sniff everywhere or like to chase things while on a leash? Does your dog mark every sign, bush, or random object on a leash? Does your dog become distracted by other dogs or people while on a leash? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need the Walk Doctor Program! During our program, your dog will learn to wait, release, and heel commands. Our Walk Doctor classes can be performed at our location or your residence. Pricing and number of sessions based upon in-person consultation. Remember, you’re the one who takes your dog for a walk. It’s not your dog who takes you on a walk.

Board & Train



This program is designed to save you time and develop a dog training plan that meets you and your dog’s primary needs. This program focuses on implementing, enforcing, and maintaining learned behaviors. Throughout your dog’s training, they will learn to obey commands using various techniques that are best suited for them. Please call 678-402-5025 for a verbal consultation and additional information about our Obedience Training. During the verbal consultation, we will discuss all included services and other services offered during the Board and Obedience Training. Before evaluation, all pets must pass an evaluation at our facility and be current on Rabies, Bordetella, and Parvo/Distemper vaccines.

Board & Train In-Home Follow-Up Session



Our follow-up sessions ensure that the training achieved during the board and dog train program has been transferred properly into the household.

1 Hour In Home Private Training Sessions

*Mileage Fees may apply to in-home sessions



Our 1 Hour In-Home Private Dog Training Sessions are designed to help you implement commands and learn how to establish communication with your dog properly. These private sessions cover obedience training, confidence training, potty training, and crate training. Please keep in mind that more than one in-home private session may be needed to cover all the requested training. Please call 678-402-5025 for a verbal consultation. We will discuss your goals and personalized dog training plan to meet your dog’s needs during our consultation. We cover a 10-mile radius from Happy Trails Pet Center. Please note, additional mileage fees will be charged outside the 10-mile radius.

Leash Reactivity Training

Price determined after consultation

Leash Reactivity Training can be a number of situations such as dogs showing teeth or growling at other dogs, adults, children, and objects while on a leash. Or showing signs of fear or nervousness while on a leash around people, noises, objects, and other dogs. Pricing and the number of sessions are based on in-person consultation. All requests must be summited via email at rayk9train@gmail.com for a phone consultation.

Minor Behavioral Modification Training 1 Hour Private Sessions

Price determined after consultation

Our private session will go over behavior issues such as guarding family members, guarding certain home areas, food, toys, or other objects. Behaviors such as this are called Resource Guarding. Signs of resource guarding are showing teeth, growing, side-eyeing, lunging, snapping, barking, and protecting valued objects or food when people are visiting. Other reaction issues are windows stimulus and fear or aggression towards children. Our Minor Behavioral Modification Training sessions are performed at your home. Pricing and the number of sessions are based on in-person consultation. You must also show proof of your pet’s rabies vaccination before their scheduled appointment. All requests must be summited via email at rayk9train@gmail.com or via phone consultation.

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